Kenosha Pride Board of Directors

President/Chairperson of the Board

Dan Seaver

Born and raised in Wilmington, Ohio, Dan moved to Kenosha to go to school at Carthage College. While at Carthage, Dan was a member of Delta Upsilon International Fraternity and Residence Life Council. He was one of the original signers of the By-Laws for Carthage’s 10% Society and served as the Parliamentarian for the Wisconsin United Residence Hall Association. He graduated from Carthage with a BA in Psychology, Sociology, and Criminal Justice.

After graduating, Dan started working in residential treatment centers for juvenile delinquency. After being involved in a car accident, Dan was unable to return to the work he was doing and started working at Kenosha Beef/Birchwood Foods. He has worked his way up from a general laborer through management and now works as a Food Technologist in the corporate Research and Development department.

Dan has been a part of Kenosha Pride since the very beginning. He has helped to take it from a quickly put together march to a registered non-profit organization and legally recognized corporation. Dan serves as the President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kenosha Pride, Inc. His job is to oversee all operations of Kenosha Pride, Inc. and the Kenosha Pride events. He is the liaison for Kenosha Pride, Inc. and deals with other organizations, businesses, and media outlets.

Vice President of the Board

Sean Young

Sean has served as Kenosha Pride's Secretary of the Board of Directors since 2014. As such, he provides order from chaos. He is sometimes referred to as Sean, the Great and Terrible!

Additionally, he has been an active board member for the Milwaukee Pride Parade since 2012. Sean has worked within the LGBTQ+ community for over 11 years and has contributed significantly to causes important to him. Especially with outreach programs that increase awareness, safety, and health within our community. 

Secretary of the Board

Kate Daugherty

Kate is currently a student at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee studying political science. She was awarded the UWM LGBT+ Alumni Chapter Scholarship in 2016 for her commitment to advocacy and volunteerism to secure equal rights for members of the LGBT community and its allies. She previously volunteered with the Milwaukee Justice Center in the Self-Help Clinic where she assisted people with family law forms and referred people to the Brief Legal Advice Clinic.

Kate joined Kenosha Pride in May 2016 as an intern and has recently become the Secretary of the Board of Directors. Currently, she runs and maintains the Kenosha Pride website and assists with research and information acquisition.

Director of Finance

Chris Smith

Born and raised in Sacramento, California and coming out at 15 years old, Christopher found coming out and life were not as hard as he thought it was going to be. He was accepted more then he ever thought he would be.

Chris has done a lot of volunteer work for the GLBT community in California. He moved to Kenosha 2012 and met Dan. He heard all about what Dan and a few other friends where doing with Kenosha Pride and he knew he wanted to help.

His first year he served as a volunteer at Kenosha Pride. After that he was brought on as the Director of Finance. Chris has a background in finance and cash control.

Director of Events

Anthony Griffin

Anthony Griffin was born and raised in Kenosha, WI and has volunteered with various LGBTQA+ organizations throughout his life. He has been a local hairstylist for 17 years. He was crowned Miss Kenosha Pride Inaugural and has been with our organization ever since. Starting as our first Miss Kenosha Pride, then emceeing our entire event to becoming our entertainment coordinator and now our Director of Events. 

Director of Volunteers

Diamond Hartwell

Born and raised in Kenosha, Diamond is a true Kenoshan. As a Harborside Academy alumn, she's taken "nobody sits alone" much further than the classrooms and cafeterias; she has developed a strong sense of community and unity. Being in choir and theater nurtured her passion into a fire. After attending Roosevelt University in Chicago for a short time, she realized there is no place like home and came back fiercer than ever. She has been with Kenosha Pride since day 1. Unexpectedly to her, she was unanimously made the Director of Volunteers, as she has a strong passion for bringing people together for the greater good and a loud mouth that people listen to. As the youngest member, she is focused on the youth and making sure their futures are brighter and brighter in Kenosha. A sassy, headstrong, fiery little woman striving to bring Kenosha together. 

Director of Marketing


Director of Fundraising

Shawn Forsythe

Born and raised in Chicago, Shawn spent the majority of her career in corporate America, becoming a purchasing agent and then a purchasing manager across several industries.  After moving to Lake County, IL she started the family business, Peace, Paws & Harmony, Inc., a dog grooming, food and supply shop that has won the Daily Herald’s Reader’s Choice Award 3 years in a row.

Shawn has been a staunch supporter and ally of equal rights for all people (and animals) her whole life, and is especially proud to work in the LGBTQ+ community with Kenosha Pride in helping to bridge the gap of support between Chicago and Milwaukee.  Anyone interested in contributing their support to make Kenosha Pride bigger and better every year, should contact her directly. As an all volunteer group, Shawn looks forward to accepting your contributions in any way, shape, or form to further the cause!


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