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Kat and the Hurricane is a genre- and gender-bending indie-pop/synth-rock trio from Madison, Wisconsin. Lead singer/guitarist Kat Farnsworth (she/he/they), keyboardist/vocalist Benjamin Rose (they/them/theirs), and drummer Alex Nelson (they/them/theirs) deliver a unique blend of pop and haunting indie rock they affectionately refer to as "Sad Lesbian Music."

A trio of all queer and non-binary folks, they write predominantly about maneuvering through a world that does not find value in their experiences or community. Themes of struggling with poor mental health, navigating difficult relationships, and finding resilience in moments of isolation are threaded through the band's discography. Acutely aware of how little queer and trans musicians were represented when they were growing up, Kat and the Hurricane hope to be that representation for a new generation of queer and trans musicians - and shift the music industry from within to better center marginalized artists and their experiences.

Kat and the Hurricane's debut album Miles Away was released in 2017, a solo indie-folk album penned and performed by singer/guitarist, Kat Farnsworth. After finding bandmates Ben and Alex, the band's second album, Libra, was released in February 2020. A lush and evocative 6-song EP, Libra marks a critical turning point for the band and a departure from Miles Away's plucky folk sound. With songs such as "Over You," "Walls," and title track "Libra," the trio sing about heartbreak and finding the courage to move forward.

In March 2020, the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic interrupted the trio's first regional midwest tour in celebration of the release of Libra, forcing them back home to quarantine. The three decided to begin recording new songs at a local studio, emerging with the tracks that would make up their newest album, The Sorry EP.

The Sorry EP is the band's most energetic release to date, blurring the lines between rock, pop, punk, and alternative styles in its use of 80s synths, indie rock chords, chilling harmonies, and introspective lyrics. Musical influences that shine through in the trio's songwriting include 80s synthwave, early/mid-aughts emo and pop-punk, as well as artists like Tegan and Sara, Paramore, Pronoun, and Lucy Dacus.

Kat and the Hurricane has been rising in the indie music scene and in their hometown, taking home a New Artist of 2020 award from the Madison Area Music Association, and sharing bills with the likes of Apes of the State, RENT STRIKE, Telethon, Partner, Yam Haus, Oux, 4th Curtis, Frances Grove, and more!

Kat and the Hurricane
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