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Would You Kindly?
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Would You Kindly? is a powerful female-fronted, 5-piece, alt-rock band from Kenosha, WI. They bring a unique and vibrant sound incorporating electric violin, multipart harmonies, and a blended influence of modern rock, pop and jazz. In 2021, Would You Kindly? released their debut album "The Aftermath", a story about the trauma and continued recovery from domestic violence and abuse. It is an expression of all the things you may feel in those situations: love and hate, happiness and sorrow, care and anger; and the long journey of recovery. Recently they have partnered with The ArtSpace Podcast to develop a theme track released as their latest demo "Why We Do It." This year Would You Kindly? is an official sponsor for Make Music Day Kenosha, a public festival that invites everyone to make music for a whole day no matter your age, skill or interest. As a diverse group, Would You Kindly? is ecstatic to participate in this year's Kenosha Pride! You can get info on their upcoming gigs and latest merch through their website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and their NEW Tik Tok.

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