Would You Kindly?
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Over the last three years, Would You Kindly? has become a powerful female-fronted rock band throughout Southeastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. First hitting the stage in 2019, lead singer Gina Marie and guitarist Paul Hoskins could be found performing at the Sazzy B and Rustic Road open mics almost every week in downtown Kenosha. They were known for playing a combination of covers like “Zombie" by The Cranberries and originals such as “The Aftermath”.

Later in 2019 Would You Kindly? expanded, introducing drummer Jake Kleinhardt, followed by bassist Daniel Harrison, and then violinist Megan Weaver. They have had the tremendous opportunity to collaborate with a variety of local talents, such as Betsy Ade & The Well-Known Strangers, Resistance, Spare Animals, and Daniel and His 3 A.M. Saints.

In 2020, Would You Kindly?'s profile grew earning various standing gigs, as well as new opportunities like the 2020-2021 Taste of Wisconsin. Believing in being a huge support to the local community, Would You Kindly? has played for benefits such as Songs of Freedom, Captains + Canines partnered with Safe Harbor Humane Society, Into The Space for the Kenosha Creative Space, and the grand opening of The Vault at Historic 625.
Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Would You Kindly? released their first official music video for "The Aftermath," and participated in many online events. Some highlights include International Make Music Day and Isolation Music Festival II.

In early-2021 Would You Kindly? received the bittersweet news that drummer Jake Kleinhardt had the opportunity to pursue other passions in digital art and animation. With great love and support for Jake, the difficult task of finding a new drummer began. Later that year, Would You Kindly? was proud to introduce Haven Wells (a.k.a. Miss B Haven) as the girl #BehindThePurpleDrums!

This year Would You Kindly? participated in festivals such as Make Music Kenosha. A part of the international Make Music Day presented by NAMM Foundation. Gina Marie had personally partnered with Francisco Loyola of the Kenosha Creative Space to coordinate this year’s Block Party Celebration on June 21st. The entire band had volunteered to support through social outreach, setup/takedown, and teaching events during the festival.

For those few days Would You Kindly? is not volunteering or on stage, they are at Cherry Pit Studios in Menomonee Falls recording their first, full-length album. They plan to release a new single in the coming months, and the album by end of Fall 2021.

Band Members:
* Gina Marie DiSalvo - Vocals
* Paul Hoskins - Guitar
* Megan Weaver - Violin
* Daniel Harrison - Bass
* Haven "Miss B" Wells - Drums
* Josh "Mags" Maglasang - Marketing/Roadie