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Kenosha Pride 2021 Press Release

The Kenosha Pride, Inc. Board of Directors is excited to announce the date of Kenosha Pride 2021 on

Sunday, August 22, 2021 at Veterans Memorial Park-625 52nd St. Kenosha, WI 53140. On Monday,

March 29, 2021 the City of Kenosha Parks Commission unanimously approved the Special Event

application and permits for Kenosha Pride 2021.

Kenosha Pride 2021 will be the 9th year Kenosha Pride has held an event of some sort. Kenosha Pride

2021 will start with our annual March starting at Library Park. Sign-making and gathering will begin at 11:00am then a welcome and acknowledgement of attendees will begin at noon. The march will step off following the welcoming and acknowledgement. Flags will be available for purchase by Kenosha Pride, Inc. in both the traditional Pride Flag and the newer Philly Pride Flag featuring the Black and Brown stripe, both will be $10.00.

The Kenosha Pride Festival grounds will open at 12:30pm. As the march approaches the grounds

attendees will be greeted with music and a myriad of vendors. Entertainment will begin on the two

stages at 1:00pm and continue throughout the day until 9:00pm. All attendees entering the grounds

through the designated entrance points will be provided a mask, Kenosha Pride, Inc. is currently working with one of our partners to provide masks for all in attendance including performers, vendors,

volunteers, and attendees. Kenosha Pride, Inc. is also working with another community partner to

establish a Health and Wellness area where attendees can visit vendors/organizations specifically

focusing on health and well-being. We will continue to host our pet specific area, children’s area, 2

stages, and beer tent.

To help ensure the health and wellness of all at Kenosha Pride 2021, Kenosha Pride will continue to

monitor the ongoing threat of COVID-19 while working with community partners and health officials to ensure a safe, clean, and fun event. Kenosha Pride, Inc. is continuing to seek alternative funding sources to help offset the impact COVID-19 has had on the small, local funding sources Kenosha Pride has relied on in the past so that they can remain involved in 2021.

Please continue to check our website ( and social media accounts

(@kenoshapride) to learn more about Kenosha Pride 2021, changes and date for our annual Benefit

Show, and information from our community partners. Anyone interested in donating to or becoming a

Sponsor of Kenosha Pride should visit our website for more information.


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