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Remembering Pulse

Updated: Feb 3, 2018

By Dan Seaver, President

Today marks one year since the tragic shootings at Pulse Nightclub. It was one year ago today that I woke up to get ready to go to the Milwaukee Pride Parade and read about the horrific event. I immediately knew I needed to draft up a statement for Kenosha Pride and get it out. Writing the statement immediately after finding out about the incident was difficult. I knew I needed to express the sorrow I was feeling, but also find a way to lift everyone up.

The statement was posted to the Kenosha Pride Facebook page shortly before I left for the Milwaukee Pride Parade. Upon arriving, the feeling was somber. Pulse was the talk of everyone. Fear of more violence, concern for family and friends in Orlando, and sorrow filled the streets of Milwaukee. But then we all remembered, we can not be silenced. We must be seen.

A year later, we MUST not forget. We must not remain silent. We must continue to be seen. We have overcome adversity and hatred. We have overcome legal and personal battles. As we look back, we must continue to remind ourselves we are "#ORLANDOSTRONG". We are and should always remain "#UNITED". We must #BEPROUD.


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